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DNA Wars At the start of a new millennium White culture comes in two cans. The Hedonistic European, and the Commercial American. Deprived entirely of any vitality, both promise absolutely nothing.  Niggerism, as the dynamic expression of the Negro spirit produced in Commercial America, steps in to fill the void on both continents. Whether Negroes […]


Zionist “Pro-Freedom” Website Posting Personal Info of People Opposing Israeli Apartheid

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Sydney Barakat June 1, 2015 (ANTIMEDIA) Are you an activist? Do you speak out against oppressive governments? Well, you might be on this blacklist. is dedicated to revealing the identities of pro-Palestinian and other student activists in order to prevent them from obtaining jobs once they graduate. Their Twitter account is @canarymission Their mission […]


My Answer To The Jewish Question

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There is ample evidence of an ongoing global genocide of Whites. From the South African catastrophe to the Open Borders, Mass Immigration, and Forced Assimilation of Europe, the USA, Canada, etc., no reasonable person can deny this when presented with the unvarnished truth. But that is not the subject of this article. I always say, […]


Game Review: Shadow of Mordor

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  Sauron’s army of orcs has overtaken the first line of defense against his return, The Black Gate, and slain every ranger who defended it, except one: Talion. Bound to a wraith soul and denied death he is offered a chance at vengeance and redemption, to become an unstoppable force to fight against the Uruk […]


The #GamerGate Controversy

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  “What’s the deal with all this #GamerGate stuff?”   That’s likely a sentiment echoed by many people looking at their twitter feeds the last few weeks, and it’s a good question that I aim to answer as best I can for the readers of this site. #GamerGate came to life soon after Eron Gjoni, […]


Game Review: Destiny

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Destiny is the newest game from Bungie, the studio well known for its juggernaut series Halo. Destiny is a unique blend of First Person Shooter and Online RPG, with upgrading and finding new and better gear being just as essential in any other traditional fantasy romp, although that doesn’t mean you won’t need good aim […]