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William Luther Pierce (September 11, 1933 – July 23, 2002) was an American physicist, author and activist, who was a professor of physics at Oregon State University, author under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald of the novels The Turner Diaries and Hunter, founder of the National Alliance and one of the most prominent White Nationalists in […]


UPDATED – Azzmador Suspended – These are the only authentic Twitter accounts run by Azzmador

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UPDATE: My main account, @RealAzzmador has been suspended, so now my backup, @The_Azzmador is my new main account. Please follow me there, look forward to seeing you! Many accounts have sprung up over the last few weeks impersonating me. Therefore, I have compiled this list. The only Twitter accounts owned or run by me are […]


Hidden Mysteries Radio: Trump & The Trolls

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On this week’s episode of Hidden Mysteries Radio, Ghost and Azzmador discuss a little bit about the history of the Israelites,  The Donald’s triumphant performance in the first Republican debate, the evil, filthy (but hot) Megyn Kelly, the media blackout of the murder by police of an unarmed White teenager, retarded bounty hunters raiding a […]


Why I Am Leaving Twitter

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I’ve enjoyed most of my time on Twitter, but it doesn’t seem to be taking me where I want to go. After having been suspended permanently (NewSpeak if I ever heard it) eight times in six months, I finally managed to create an account and in a few months’ time grow it into an established […]


Dindu Nuffin

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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you courtesy of Colin Flaherty’s excellent YouTube channel, the perfect example of the phenomenon known far and wide as “Dindu Nuffin!” This exhibit, which could be one in a never-ending hourly series, has distilled not only the most common features of the Dindu Nuffin, it has the added feature of […]



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DNA Wars At the start of a new millennium White culture comes in two cans. The Hedonistic European, and the Commercial American. Deprived entirely of any vitality, both promise absolutely nothing.  Niggerism, as the dynamic expression of the Negro spirit produced in Commercial America, steps in to fill the void on both continents. Whether Negroes […]